VF File Manager


this is pretty old description that was used in the BBS-times however VF is not supported nowadays so I'll just leave this diz file as short description of it ( full documentation and full featured not restricted dos executable are inside archive ) VF in this form is very stable and only drawback is the strange Win9x long file names support ( supported as separated descriptions )

if you are interested in such utility today you most probably will appreciate the VFU project which is the direct successor of VF and even has more features and entirely new codebase.

VFU stands for `Vladi File Manager for UNIX/Linux' ( this is the only place that VFU is defined in this form,all the rest of the world will see this `VF File Manager for UNIX/Linux' :))

and here we are...:
  VF File Manager you always wanted!
  Keep up with Simplicity and Power!
  Small:compr. VF.exe is about 100K!
  Full 4DOS/BBS descriptions support
  Multiple file masks!Separated dirs
  Extensive external support!Over 25
  shell macroses: offer full control
  over any external command/program!
  GlobalMode allows manipulation for
  all files in all directories/disks
  Global changes of attr/time/descr!
  ChDir history.Filename completion!
  File type colorization.Custom clrs
  Run--Time dirs' sizes calculation!
  Single--Key commands & operations!
  Direct support for 9! archivers --
  Archives are supported as dir's...
  Database FileLocate,Last Find View
  Memory Swap (XMS,EMS,DISK) with>1K
  ....and many other great features!

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