This is small doc about Palm-FE

Palm-FE stands for `Palm Pilot Functional Emulator' and
covers Palm Pilot functionality over the WWW i.e. it is
web-application which offers personal info management.
It requires any www browser on client side and 
unix+perl+apache-httpd(or compatible) on the server side.
I've tried to keep the same look and feel as real Palm
Pilot as close as possible. 

Palm-FE is multi user, but it doesn't support data
sharing yet.

If you want to use Palm-FE over the Internet I'd 
recommend you to use SSL-enabled httpd to hide your 
private information from the rest of the world!

Where to search of official Palm-FE www site:
where you should find proper link to Palm-FE project.

The Palm-FE author details you can find in AUTHORS file.
The Palm-FE is distributed under the GPL licence.
The fulle GPL text can be found in COPYING file.
Feel free to contact the author any time you like.

For install notes read the INSTALL file.

Good luck!

Nov 24, 2021

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