QVV -- Qt-based image viewer

qvv [image-files...]
QVV will open all images specified at the command line or will open
browser window otherwise.

type ’qmake’ and wait for Makefile to be generated. qmake is Qt
utility which creates Makefile accordingly to your Qt installation 
paths and other parameters.

type ’make’ and wait for the ’qvv’ binary -- if you don’t succeed
try use precompiled qvv pack.
then take qvv binary and put it somewhere in the $PATH, usually
/usr/local/bin/  or  /usr/bin/  are fine.

requirements for compile process:

Qt 3.xx+ -- http://www.troll.no

libgpeg6 -- it comes usually with your Linux distribution or can
               be found everywhere on Internet

zlib     -- used by PNG support

libpng   -- PNG images support

Main window:

Up/Down Arrows, PgUp/Down -- navigate through the list Left Arrow -- change directory to parent ( .. ) Backspace -- change directory to parent ( .. ) Right Arrow or Enter -- enter directory or show image LeftMouse double click -- enter directory or show image RightMouse click -- open menu F3 -- open new browser window F4 -- close browser window F5 -- reload directory list F7 -- edit image/directory note ~ -- go to user home directory ($HOME) ‘ -- change directory (dialog window) ESC -- close all view windows [ and ] -- view previous/next image Alt+X -- exit QVV (and close all image windows) Delete (Del) -- move current file to trash $HOME/.qvv_trash

All plain characters are used to seek to next filename matching the same first charachter.

Image (View) window:

Arrows -- move window ( pan ) by 16 pixels Space -- next image ESC -- close image window ENTER -- close image window F4 -- close image window F7 -- edit image note (image-name.note) TAB -- center image window INS -- toggle image auto-center feature / -- show image in its real size * -- scale image to fit the screen size + -- zoom in - -- zoom out 1 -- scale image to 100% 2 -- scale image to 200% 3 -- scale image to 300% 4 -- scale image to 400% < and > -- rotate image left and right by 90 deg. [ and ] -- view previous/next image PgUp/Down -- view previous/next image LeftMouse click -- next image RightMouse click -- previous image MiddleMouse click -- close image Control+Mouse drag -- pan image (pixel by pixel) HOME -- pan image to upper left corner Delete (Del) -- move current file to trash $HOME/.qvv_trash z -- set desktop background (tiled) Z -- set desktop background (fit)

Note window:

F2 -- saves note and closes the window F4 or ESC -- discards changes and closes the window

QVV_REDUCE_HEIGHT         -- this will reduce actual desktop height by
                             given number of pixels (used mainly if you have
                             some kind of ‘task bar’, ‘panel’ or something )

QVV_FILTERS               -- filters for image files in this format:

QVV_NOAQUA                -- if set QVV will not try to mimic Aqua-like
                             interface (colors) style

export QVV_FILTERS=.jpg.jpeg.gif.png.xpm.bmp.ppm.
(for bash)

QVV_FILTERS value is not case sensitive!

You can contact author (me) with any notes you have.

Thanks to the KDE and GNOME projects for the icons.

Thanks to the old dos QPV and PVE viewers’ authors for the ideas.

Thanks to the authors of the libraries I use: Qt, Jpeg, PNG, Zlib...

Thanks to Keith Schincke for the Qt2.x patch (QVV ver. before 0.12)!

Thanks to Carsten Schneider <[email protected]> for the Zaurus port:

Thanks to all QVV users!

(c) Vladi Shabanski <[email protected]> 2003 http://soul.datamax.bg/~cade/qvv

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